Finance and Accounting Management

Within two to three months, we will give you an economic and business program for planning and intelligent management of the business. Business economic deliverables that we will produce for you on an ongoing work basis are:
  • Building profit centers for company operations and defining rules for transfer prices and loading costs between the profit centers
  • Costing and pricing of products and services
  • Comparison of the efficiency and productivity of the various employees
  • Tools for employee compensation and motivation
  • Optimizing the credit facilities received by the company
  • Building an economic plan and monitoring it on a monthly basis, thus allowing management to promote the company safely toward its goals.
We will provide you with economic perspectives to utilize the company's business potential, which will include remapping of profit units, identifying unprofitable activities and products, and ways for “dealing” with them. In the area of credit and banks, we will make sure that at any moment in time the company receives the optimal solution from the banking system.


Week 1

Strategic meeting This is a meeting in person with the owner / CEO to understand the business nature of his business from his point of view. We learn about the business through the eyes of the owner, from marketing, operations, and financial perspectives.

Week 2 to 4

Mapping the economic environment We collect as much material that can be obtained from the financial systems in the business, accounting, business management software reports, and employer cost reports. We examine the profitability of the various products and services, seasonality, dependence on a primary product or a major customer, internal connections between different products or services provided by the business to its customers.

Week 5

Building an economic model We validate the information we received from the company manager with financial data from accounting. At the end of the process, we build a special economic model to describe the activities of the business. The economic model divides the business activity into profit centers and incorporates "business" relationships between the various profit centers and between them and company management and the financial system.

Week 6

Building a budget We build an activity forecast for the coming year, from which we create by means of the economic model a projected monthly operating budget for the coming year.

Week 7

Analysis of the credit environment Analysis of banking and non-banking activity, including credit lines and credit terms with the banks. Translation of the operating budget formulated, along with financial conditions, into an annual cash flow and a definition of the credit requirements of the business in order to implement the budget.

Week 8

Maximizing credit potential We conduct negotiations with banks with whom the company works, and with other banks in order to obtain credit terms suitable to its operations in accordance with its specific needs.

From here on out

CFO and Comptroller In addition to routine work, we support company executives such as the CFO and the Comptroller, carrying out monthly monitoring of operating results versus forecast, and analyzing deviations, managing the relationship with the banking system, analysis of new business activities, and support of negotiations with third parties.