Nonprofits - grants' request under section 3A

The government grants financial support to Nonprofits. Since these grants consists of government budget funds, and in order to prevent improper preference of certain Nonprofits over others, in 1992 the Knesset passed section 3A of the Foundations of the Budget Law, 1985. In this section, egalitarian tests were established for the division of support funds on each and every subject.

Submitting a support request is made online, at the relevant government ministry website. This process, of filling out various forms and financial reports, requires time and financial knowledge.

We assist Nonprofits, interested in receiving support funds from government ministries, in accordance with section 3A, from the examination of compliance with the terms of support up to receipt of the money. We run the process from start to finish, in order to save the Nonprofit's managers valuable management time and attention.


Examination and submitting a support request

Examination of the Nonprofits' data Verifying that the Nonprofit meets the threshold conditions for receiving support, through a questionnaire and conversations with the directors of the Nonprofit, and an explanation of the process of requesting support from government ministries.
Collect materials for filing support request Contacting the CPA and financial person (Finance Manager / Accountant / Bookkeeper) of the Nonprofit in order to receive required materials, using it to fill out all the relevant forms.
Submitting support request Uploading the forms to the online government system.

Handling the request and receiving the money

Working with government ministries Responding to the requests / completions, required by the government ministries in connection with the request, and the presentation of appropriate documents from the organization's bookkeeping.
Receiving approved support Receipt of funds from government ministries, in accordance with the request submitted.